Hart/Shelby (C04)
Oceana, MI
Field Elevation: 910
Lat: 43°38.50N  Long: 86°19.78W
CTAF/Unicom Freq: 122.7000
   NOTAM:   Runways and ramp are ice covered and slippery with very poor braking action
Weather Advisories
2018-01-19   15:33 Z
Altimeter 29.83" Hg
Wind 220° @ 16 KT
Gusts 22 KT
Visibility 10 SM
Temperature 1° C (34° F)
Dewpoint -3° C (27° F)
Relative Humidity 74%
Density Altitude --
Condensation Altitude 2,900 feet
Wind Chill: -5° C (23° F)
Wind and Runways
Indicated Runway = 27
Headwind = 10 kt
Crosswind = 12 kt
More Info
NOAA Forecast
Airport IQ 5010
(4WN7) GRBC Rescue
(VLA) Vandalia
FAA Disclaimer: The data displayed is for advisory purposes only and is not to be used for flight planning or operations. For official data, please call 231-861-7415 to hear the current automated AWOS voice message.
  METAR C04 191533Z AUTO 22016G22KT VIS 10 SM 01/M03 A2983